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09-27-2008, 01:44 PM
Introduction http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/carbonmarkets/images/spacer.gif Expert Speakers Already Confirmed

Johan van den Berg, Chief Executive Officer, CDM Africa Climate Solutions
Emily Tyler, Senior Associate, Climate Change Division, Genesis-Analytics
Dean Cooper, Managing Director, Parallax and PACE
Sebastian von Wolff, Regional Manager Africa, OneCarbon International
Amit Oza, Emissions Broker, TFS Green
Leslie Durschinger, Founder and Managing Director, Terra Global
Robbie Louw, Director, Promethium, South Africa
Belynda Petrie, Chief Executive Officer, OneWorld Sustainable Investments
Andrew Gilder, Director, IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists
Andrew Johnstone, Director Macquarie Capital Funds, Macquarie Bank Africa
Jon Kornik, Principal, South Pole Carbon Asset Management
Learn from Practical Case Studies by

Ciska Terblanche, CDM Specialist, ANGLO AMERICAN
Rudi Kriste, General Manager Business Development, Omnia Fetilizer
John Parkin, Deputy Head Plant and Engineering, eThekwini Municipality
Johan Myburgh, Process Development Manager, Sappi
The 2nd annual Carbon Markets Africa will once again to provide an excellent platform for business to learn about the latest developments for CDM in Africa.

Although lagging behind Asia and Latin America in terms of registered CDM projects, African nations are in a position to benefit from the rapid expansion of the global carbon markets and the increasing demand for CERs. The introduction of programmatic CDM should help to attract more investors to African countries as unilateral CDM projects decrease the potential investment risks.

The first Carbon Markets Africa brought together representatives from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, UNFCCC, Sasol Nitro, AES Nitrates, Anglo American, Safal Steel, Tongaat Hulett Starch, CIC Energy, Sasol, International Power, City of Cape Town, Mutual & Federal, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, GTZ, Investec Bank, BNP Paribas, Standard Bank, Central Energy Fund, Development Bank of South Africa, Nedbank, EcoSecurities, TFS Energy, Orbeo, Evolution Markets, Climate Change Capital, ERM and many more.

Reviews from participants

"Well organized, interesting discussions and good chance to make contacts" KommunalKredit

“We believe (Carbon Markets Africa) provides an excellent platform for local carbon market development” PACE

http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/carbonmarkets/images/spacer.gif Agenda http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/carbonmarkets/images/spacer.gif Day One – 18 November

Keynote Session – Driving Carbon Mitigation in Africa

This session will discuss the current status of the carbon market worldwide and across the region. African DNA’s will answer questions from the audience and give an up-date on developments in their respective countries. How will the market develop within the next year? What kinds of projects are being seen in each country?

Welcome Address

South Africa’s Strategies for the Reduction of GHG Emissions

State of the Global and African Carbon Market

Question and Answer Session with Designated Nation Authorities

How can Africa build capacity in developing CDM project activities?
How can the DNAs build and enhance capacity and awareness?

New Market Developments in Africa

What is being done to achieve sustainable development on the continent? Programmatic CDM projects were hoped to be the solution to bringing CERs from small scale projects into the market. Has it been successful and how can programmatic CDM be increase? Where are projects coming from?

The Importance of Sustainable Development

Carbon Standards – The Critical Role of the Gold Standard and Other Standards in Africa

Panel Discussion: Development of Programmatic CDM in Africa

Has programmatic CDM proven to be the solution for small scale projects?
How well is programmatic CDM working in practice in Africa
Has it encouraged investment in small scale projects?

Carbon Finance – How Can We Expand Investment in the CDM in Africa?

This session will provide companies with an update on trading, pricing and the financing options available for companies looking to develop CDM projects and an overview on strategies to increase investment in the region. Where is the carbon finance coming from? What is the role of public and private carbon finance partnerships?

Trading and Pricing of African CERs and VERs

How can sellers get a fair value for their product?
How desirable is my project?
Factors influencing carbon credit pricing
Carbon Finance for Agricultural, Forestry and Other Land Use VER and CER Projects in Africa

Panel Discussion: How to Increase Investments in African CDM

What is the right financing option for my project?
How to ensure investment for your project
What are the risks and barriers?
To what extent will political risk effect investor’s decisions?
How can investment opportunities for projects be promoted?

End of Day One Day Two – 19 November

Successfully Developing CDM Projects

This session will give practical advice on how to identify potential projects, taxation and legal issues. What are the main carbon projects risks? How can risk successfully be mitigated? What are the transaction costs?

How to Identify CDM Projects

What are the opportunities for companies to get involved in CDM?
Can your company benefit from CERs as an additional revenue stream?
What types of projects are promising?
Legal and Constructural Issues for CDM Projects

Ownership of CERs
Property regime
Environmental legal due diligence
What Are the Tax Implications of a CDM Project?

Carbon Mitigation Project Case Studies

A series of project hosts will share their experiences in the development of a CDM project. What are the risks, challenges and rewards involved in this process? What do new market entrants need to watch out for? Who owns the CER’s? What were the sustainability and additionality criteria? What are the major verification challenges?

CDM Case Studies

Omnia Fertilizer Nitrous Oxide Reduction Project

Durban Landfill Gas to Electricity Project

Tugela CFB10 Conversion from Coal to Bark Fired

Further case studies to be announced

Understanding the Voluntary Carbon Markets and Forestry Opportunities in Africa

This session will provide an overview of the global voluntary carbon markets and address the opportunities for African VCM projects. The session will also consider the region’s potential for forestry projects. What role can they play? What opportunities are there in other sectors?

Overview of the Voluntary Market

Overview of voluntary standards in the market
How to determine whether the voluntary market is the right one for your project
Panel Discussion: Potential of the Voluntary Carbon Market in Africa

What types of projects which have proven successful?
What are the barriers to reaching Africa’s full potential in this market?
Are VERs a reliable revenue stream?
Panel Discussion: Using the Carbon Market to Promote Sustainable Forestry

To what extent will forestry play a role in the region’s carbon market?
How African countries can benefit from this emerging market and new commodity
Supply and demand of emissions credits from forestry projects
Accessing issues of permanence and barriers
Addressing deforestation, sustainability and conservation
Is the market for forestry projects only or should we consider a wider biodiversity market place?

What Does the Future Hold for CDM in Africa?

What steps are being taken by governments to tackle climate change and at the same time increase the market share Africa has in the global carbon markets? How can investment and fair prices be secured for the post 2012 period? What predictions can be made for Africa’s opportunities and barriers?

Future Regulations and Government Policy

What future policies are in the making?
How will regulation affect the market?
What is the government’s strategy post 2012?
Panel Discussion: Long-Term Mitigation Strategies for Africa

How will the market take shape moving forward?
Will emission caps come into play in the region?
How can you secure financing post 2012
Can a price be put on post 2012 CERs?
Is the window for CDM still open for Africa?

End of Day Two Pre-Conference Workshop - 17th November 2008
Project Developer Coaching Seminar – An Introduction to Developing CDM Projects

This in-depth one day seminar will provide project developers with the expertise and knowledge to successfully enter the carbon market. Combining expert presentations with practical case study analysis our seminar will serve as an excellent introduction to anyone wanting to further their knowledge or embark on a CDM project. Each session will be led by an industry expert followed by a Q&A session to allow for maximum interaction.

The seminar leaders will cover key topics such as:

Key challenges to entering the market
Developing CDM projects in Sub Saharan Africa
Understanding legal implications for CDM projects
Verification and monitoring of projects
Buying and selling carbon credits
Seminar Timings:
09.00 Registration 09.30 Seminar Begins 16.30 Seminar Ends

http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/carbonmarkets/images/spacer.gif Who will you meet? http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/carbonmarkets/images/spacer.gif The first Carbon Markets Africa brought together representatives from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, UNFCCC, Sasol Nitro, AES Nitrates, Anglo American, Safal Steel, Tongaat Hulett Starch, CIC Energy, Sasol, International Power, City of Cape Town, Mutual & Federal, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, GTZ, Investec Bank, BNP Paribas, Standard Bank, Central Energy Fund, Development Bank of South Africa, Nedbank, EcoSecurities, TFS Energy, Orbeo, Evolution Markets, Climate Change Capital, ERM and many more.

Here’s who you’ll meet at Carbon Markets Africa

Project Developers & Hosts
Bankers & Finance
Government & Municipalities
Analysts & Research
Carbon Consultants
Project Verifiers
Carbon Brokers
DNAs & CDM Offices
http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/carbonmarkets/images/spacer.gif Speaking Opportunities http://www.greenpowerconferences.com/carbonmarkets/images/spacer.gif We are now accepting speaking proposals for this event. If you would like to submit a speaking proposal (presentation title, 4-5 bullet points and brief synopsis) then please contact Dana Vogel (dana.vogel@greenpowerconferences.com?Subject=Spea king%20Opportunity%20Carbon%20Markets%20Africa)

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With a proven track record of delivering high calibre project developers, Carbon Markets Africa provides the perfect environment for you to do business with project developers from across Africa under one roof.

First class business opportunities
Our sponsorship and exhibition packages are designed to help you meet your business objectives. If you are looking to win prospective clients, strengthen existing relationships or enhance your company profile, we will help you do so in a cost effective manner.

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